Crustless Quiche Lorraine


3 Large Eggs
50 ml Light Cream
2 Trimmed Bacon Medallions
40 g Asda Grated Cheese
100 g Mushrooms
50 g Red Pepper
25 g Red Onion
7-10 Sprays Butter Spray Oil
1-2 Pinch Chives
1-2 Pinch Black Pepper
1-2 Pinch Salt


Pre-Heat Oven 200 Degrees.
Fry off Diced Bacon, Mushrooms & Red Onion in a Little Spray Oil, it only takes a few Minutes but don’t worry too much about it.
Whisk up Eggs & Cream in a Large Bowl.
Spray a Oven Proof Dish with a Little Spray Oil.
Add Cooked Bacon etc to it and then Pour Egg Mix over the top it and ensure it’s as even as can be.
Add Chives, Salt & Pepper then some Diced Red Pepper (I don’t cook that to make it a bit crunchy)
Add Grated Cheese on top then add a little more Salt & Pepper.
Cook in oven for about 18-20 Minutes but check after about 15 Minutes

Recipe Notes
Calories = 150,
Carbs = 3g,
Fat = 10g,
Protein = 12g.

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