Don’t diet, Change Your Habits- The Best Ways To Lose Weight Safely

Even if you’ve been on a crash diet that may have done some damage to your body, this guide will help you get your hormones and metabolism back in order.

If this is your first time dieting: “Thank God,” you’ve come to the right place! You’ll avoid that fatal mistake.

You will succeed because this fat loss program will not deprive you. By following these strategies, you will lose weight and keep it off.

1. Don’t diet; change your habits

If you eat well during the week but fall face down on junk food all weekend… Or if you’re ultra-strict for a month, then fall back into your old habits next month…


Learn to change your diet one thing at a time. Don’t be too harsh by changing everything overnight.

How would you teach your child a new language? Would you ask him to speak to you in that language from day one, before he even knew a word?

Plans that he will start crying…

As you would do for him, slowly bring yourself to change the way you think, eat and move.

You’re not on a diet; you’re learning a new way to eat better!

2.Maintain your muscle mass

Your muscles are like the spark plugs in a car. They are partly responsible for burning your fat (the fuel).
The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest and during exercise.
Obviously, there’s no need to get too muscular either.

3. Use a gradual, mild calorie deficit

-The weight-loss equation is quite simple:
-Your energy demand – caloric deficit = weight loss.

That said, starting with too severe a deficit is never the best solution!

Sprinters never sprint very long.

So start by walking. If you feel you’re doing well, jog a little faster. But keep your speed at a marathon pace so you can run for a long time.

4. Burn fat, don’t starve yourself

There are two ways to create a calorie deficit:

-Decrease the calories consumed,
-Increase your level of physical activity.

Don’t create too much of a deficit with your diet; increase your physical activity level instead. Working out will bring you more results than relying on your diet alone. You’ll live much better too!

5.Don’t stay too long on a reduced caloric intake, periodize

To the warriors of this world. To those who never give up. Who always follow a diet without reaching their goal.
The ones who follow their menu 100% but always end up in front of a tray struggling not to take it all back.
If you’re not losing weight, don’t cut your calories yet! Instead, do the opposite…

Take a break.

If your calories have already been low for a long time, cutting them further may cause unwanted metabolic disorders. The best decision would be to eat more simply.

After several months of eating so little, a week or two at an energy level close to your maintenance will rebalance your hormones and reset your metabolism.

Periodize your calories. Instead of staying low all the time, increase them occasionally.

The larger or longer your caloric deficit, or the lower your fat percentage, the more important it will be to have high-calorie days.

You might gain some weight, but don’t worry about it. The metabolic boost created will break your plateau, and you will lose it again.

This technique is well known in the fitness and bodybuilding world: one cheats day for every tough week: a necessary mental and physical rest.

6. Lose weight at the right pace for you

It gets tempting sometimes to exceed the speed limit on the highway to get to your destination faster. The problem is that there is a greater chance of never getting to your destination…

Lose weight for good by going at your own pace.

Many experts in the field recommend a pace of about 1 to 2 pounds per week. However, 2 pounds may be too fast for a small person with only a few pounds to lose. On the other hand, 2 pounds may be rather slow for an obese person who is over a hundred pounds overweight…

A more realistic estimate would be:

Safe weight loss rate = 1% of total body weight.

A 150-pound person could lose up to 1.5 pounds, while a 350 person could lose up to 3.5 pounds of fat per week.

10 Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

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